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This document contains the following sections:

Additional sources of information

This section contains a description of data on the sources of additional information regarding the application, Internet-resources to discuss the application, share ideas, ask questions and receive answers.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011

This section contains the description of the application’s new features, and brief information on its components and functionality. It reveals the function of the each part of the package supplied and a range of services available to registered users of the application. The section contains hardware and software requirements which the computer should meet to have Kaspersky Internet Security installed on it.

Installing the application

This section contains instructions that will help you install the application on the computer and perform its initial configuration. This section also describes the application uninstall procedure.

Managing license

This section contains information regarding the basic concepts used in the context of the application licensing. From this section you will also learn about the automatic prolonging of the license and where to view information regarding the current license.

Application interface

This section contains description of the basic GUI components of the application: icon and context menu, main application window, settings window, and notification windows.

Starting and stopping the application

This section contains information regarding the application’s starting and shutdown.

Computer protection status

This section contains information about how to know whether your computer is protected at the moment, or if its security is under threat, as well as how to eliminate emerging threats. In this section, you also can find information about enabling, disabling, and pausing protection when working with Kaspersky Internet Security.

Solving typical tasks

This section contains instructions for the basic tasks encountered by most users when working with the application.

Advanced application settings

This section provides detailed information about each application component and describes the operation and configuration algorithms for each component.

Checking the consistency of the application settings

This section contains recommendations in how to check if the application components run correctly.

Contacting the Technical Support Service

This section contains recommendations with respect to making contact with Kaspersky Lab from My Kaspersky Account on the Technical Support Service website and over phone.


This section includes reference information which complements the document text.


This section contains the list of terms used in the document and their definitions.

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