Sources of information for independent research

Kaspersky Lab provides the following sources of information about the application:

  • application page at the Kaspersky Lab website;
  • application page at the Technical Support Service website (in the Knowledge Base);
  • service page of FastTrack Support;
  • documentation.

Application page at the Kaspersky Lab website

This page provides you with general information on the application, its features and options.

Application page at the Technical Support Service website (Knowledge Base)

On this page, you will find the articles created by Technical Support Service specialists.

These articles contain useful information, recommendations and FAQs on purchasing, installing and using the application. They are sorted by subject, for example, Managing the license, Configuring Update, or Eliminating operation failures. The articles may provide answers to the questions that concern not only this application but the other Kaspersky Lab products as well. The articles may also contain news from the Technical Support Service.

FastTrack Support service

On this service page, you can find the database of FAQs with answers regarding the application’s operation. To use this service, you need an Internet connection.

To go to the service page, in the main application window, click the Support link and in the window that opens click the FastTrack Support button.


Kaspersky Internet Security installation package includes the User Guide document (in PDF format). This document describes installation, activation, restoring and uninstalling of the application, its initial and advanced configuration, application start and stop methods, and pausing of the protection. The document also describes the application interface, and provides the ways of solving user’s typical tasks while working with the application.

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Sources of information for independent research