Additional tools for better protection of your computer

The following wizards and tools included with Kaspersky Internet Security are used to resolve specific issues concerning your computer’s security:

  • Rescue Disk Creation Wizard is designed to create the Rescue Disk that allows you to restore the system operability after a virus attack by booting the computer up from removable media. Rescue disk should be used when the infection is at such a level that it is deemed impossible to disinfect the computer using anti-virus applications or malware removal utilities.
  • Privacy Cleaner Wizard is designed for searching and eliminating traces of a user’s activities in the system, and the operating system’s settings which allow the gathering of information about user activities.
  • System Restore Wizard is designed to eliminate system damage and traces of malware objects in the system.
  • Browser Configuration Wizard – designed to analyze and adjust the settings of Microsoft Internet Explorer in order to eliminate its potential vulnerabilities.
  • Vulnerability Scan is designed for diagnostics of vulnerabilities in the operating system and installed applications in order to detect security breaches, which may be exploited by intruders.

All the problems found by the Wizards (except the Rescue Disk Creation Wizard) are presented in groups, based on the type of danger they pose for operating system. Kaspersky Lab offers a set of actions for each group of problems which help eliminate vulnerabilities and weak points in the system’s settings. Three groups of problems and, respectively, three groups of actions on them, when detected, are distinguished:

  • Strongly recommended actions will help eliminate problems posing a serious security threat. You are advised to perform in time all the actions in this group to eliminate the threat.
  • Recommended actions help eliminate problems posing a potential threat. You are advised to perform all actions in this group as well to provide the optimal level of protection.
  • Additional actions help repair system damages which do not pose a current threat but may threaten your computer’s security in the future. Performing these actions ensures comprehensive protection of your computer. However, in some cases, they may lead to deletion of user settings (such as cookies).

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Eliminating activity traces

Browser configuration

Rolling back the changes, made by the wizards

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Additional tools for better protection of your computer