Anti-Banner is designed to block banners on web pages you open and those in the interface of specified applications. Ads on banners may distract you from your business activity while banner downloads increase the amount of inbound traffic.

Before a banner is displayed on a web page or in an application’s window, it should be downloaded from the Internet. Anti-Banner scans the address from which the banner is downloaded. If the address is associated to a mask from the list included with the Kaspersky Internet Security package, or from the list of blocked banners addresses you have compiled on your own, Anti-Banner blocks the banner. To block banners with address masks not found in the mentioned lists, the heuristic analyzer is used.

Additionally, you can create a list of allowed addresses to determine which banners should be allowed for display.

In this section:

Enabling and disabling Anti-Banner

Selecting the scan method

Creating the lists of blocked and allowed banner addresses

Exporting and importing the lists of addresses

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