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Actions in respect of spam and probable spam in The Bat! are defined by the client’s own tools.

To modify spam processing rules in The Bat!:

  1. Select the Settings item from the Properties menu of the mail client.
  2. Select the Spam protection object from the settings tree.

Displayed settings of anti-spam protection apply to all installed Anti-Spam modules that support integration with The Bat!.

You need to define the rating level and specify how messages with certain a rating should be handled (in case of Anti-Spam  – the probability of message being spam):

  • delete messages with the rating that exceeds the specified value;
  • move email messages with a given rating to a special spam folder;
  • move spam marked with special headers to the spam folder;
  • leave spam in the Inbox folder.

After processing an email, Kaspersky Internet Security assigns a spam or probable spam status to the message based on a rating with an adjustable value. The Bat! has its own email rating algorithm for spam, also based on a spam rate. To prevent discrepancies between spam rate in Kaspersky Internet Security and The Bat!, all messages checked in Anti-Spam are assigned the rating corresponding to the message status: Not Spam email – 0%, Probable spam – 50%, Spam – 100%. Thus, the email rating in The Bat! corresponds to the rating of the relevant status and not to the spam rate assigned in Anti-Spam.

For more details on the spam rate and processing rules, see documentation for The Bat!.

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