Training Anti-Spam

One of the most powerful spam detection tools is the self-training iBayes algorithm. The application uses the algorithm to decide, which status should be assigned to a message based on the phrases it contains. Prior to work beginning, sample strings of useful and spam mail should be submitted to the iBayes algorithm, i.e. it should be trained .

There are several approaches to training Anti-Spam:

  • Use the Training Wizard (packet training). Training with the Training Wizard is preferable from the very onset of using Anti-Spam.
  • Training Anti-Spam using outgoing messages.
  • Training is performed right while working with messages in mail client using the appropriate buttons and menu items.
  • Training when working with Anti-Spam reports.

In this section:

Using the Training Wizard

Training Anti-Spam using outgoing messages.

Using mail client interface elements

Adding an address to the list of allowed senders

Training with reports

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Training Anti-Spam