Using mail client interface elements

Training Anti-Spam while working directly with e-mail messages involves using special interface elements (toolbar buttons and menu items) of your mail client.

Please note that the buttons and menu items for Anti-Spam training only appear in the interfaces of mail client software after installation of Kaspersky Internet Security.

To train Anti-Spam using the email client:

  1. Start the email client.
  2. Select a message with which you wish to train Anti-Spam.
  3. Please do the following depending upon your email client:
    • click the Spam or Not Spam button in the Microsoft Office Outlook toolbar;
    • click the Spam or Not Spam button in the Microsoft Outlook Express toolbar (Windows Mail);
    • use the special Mark as Spam and Mark as Not Spam items in the Special menu of The Bat! email client;
    • use the Spam / Not Spam button in the Mozilla Thunderbird toolbar.

After selecting an action from the list above, Anti-Spam performs training using the selected message. If you select several messages, all of them are used for training.

If a message is marked as useful mail, the address of its sender will be added to the list of allowed senders automatically. You can disable the feature.

In cases when you need to immediately select several emails, or are certain that a folder contains emails of only one group (spam or not spam), you can take a multi-faceted approach to training using the Training Wizard.

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Using mail client interface elements