Inheritance of restrictions of the parent process

Application startup may be initiated either by the user or by another application running. If the startup is initiated by another application, it creates a startup procedure including parent and child applications.

When an application attempts to obtain access to a protected resource, Application Control analyzes the rights of all parent processes of this application, and compares them to the rights required to access this resource. The minimum priority rule is then observed: when comparing the access rights of the application to those of the parent process, the access rights with a minimum priority will be applied to the application’s activity.

Access right priority:

  1. Allow. Access right data has the highest priority.
  2. Prompt for action.
  3. Block. Access right data has the lowest priority.

This mechanism prevents a non-trusted application or an application with restricted rights from using a trusted application to perform actions requiring certain privileges.

If the application’s activities are blocked because a parent process has insufficient rights, you can edit these rules.

You should modify the rights of a parent process only if you are absolutely certain that the process’ activities do not threaten the security of the system.

To disable inheritance of restrictions from the parent process, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the main application window and select the Protection Center section.
  2. In the right part of the window, left-click to open the System and Applications Protection list of components.
  3. Click the Applications Activity link.
  4. In the Applications Activity window that opens, in the Category dropdown list, select the required application category.
  5. In the Status column, left-click to open the context menu for the required application and select Rules for application.
  6. In the Rules for application window that opens, select the Exclusions tab and check the Internet Security mark fs Inheritance of restrictions of the parent process Do not inherit restrictions of the parent process (application) box.
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Inheritance of restrictions of the parent process