Vulnerability Scan.

Vulnerabilities of the operating system could be caused by programming or engineering mistakes, unreliable passwords, malicious programs’ activity, and so on. When scanning for vulnerabilities, the application analyzes the system, searches for anomalies and damaged settings of the operating system and web browser, looks for vulnerable services and takes other security-related precautions.

The diagnostics may take some time. When it is complete, found problems are analyzed from the perspective of a possible threat to the system.

After the vulnerability scan task start, its progress is displayed in the Vulnerability Scan window, in the Finish field. Vulnerabilities detected when scanning the system and applications, are displayed in the same window, on the System vulnerabilities and Vulnerable applications tabs.

When searching for threats, information on the results is logged in a Kaspersky Internet Security report.

As with virus scan tasks, you can set a startup schedule for the vulnerability scan task, create a list of objects to scan, specify an account, and create a shortcut for quick start of the task. By default, the applications already installed on the computer are selected as scan objects.

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Vulnerability Scan.