IM Anti-Virus

IM Anti-Virus scans the traffic of instant messaging clients (the so-called Internet pagers).

IM messages may contain links to suspicious web sites and to the web sites deliberately used by hackers to organize phishing attacks. Malicious programs use IM clients to send spam messages and links to the programs (or the programs themselves), which steal users’ ID numbers and passwords.

Kaspersky Internet Security ensures safe operation of various instant messaging applications, including ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, Jabber, Google Talk, Mail.Ru Agent and IRC.

Some IM clients, such as Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk use a secure connection. To scan the traffic generated by those programs, you have to enable scan of encrypted connections.

IM Anti-Virus intercepts the messages checking them for the presence of dangerous objects or URLs. You can select the types of messages to scan and various scan methods.

If threats are detected in a message, IM Anti-Virus substitutes this message with a warning message for the user.

Files transferred via IM clients are scanned by the File Anti-Virus component when attempts are made to save them.

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Enabling and disabling IM Anti-Virus

Creating a protection scope

Selecting the scan method

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IM Anti-Virus