Email scanning in The Bat!

Actions in respect of infected email objects in The Bat! are defined using the application’s own tools.

Mail Anti-Virus settings determining if incoming and outgoing messages should be scanned, which actions should be performed in respect of dangerous objects in email, and which exclusions should apply, are ignored. The only thing that The Bat! takes into account is the scanning of attached archives.

The email protection settings extend to all the anti-virus components installed on the computer that support working with the Bat!.

Note that incoming email messages are first scanned by Mail Anti-Virus and only after that – by the plug-in of The Bat!. If a malicious object is detected, Kaspersky Internet Security immediately notifies you of this event. If you select the Disinfect (Delete) action in the notification window of Mail Anti-Virus, actions aimed at eliminating the threat are performed by Mail Anti-Virus. If you select the Ignore option in the notification window, the object will be disinfected by the plug-in of The Bat!. When sending email messages, they are first scanned by the plug-in and then – by Mail Anti-Virus.

You have to define the following criteria:

  • which mail stream (incoming, outgoing) should be scanned;
  • when the mail objects should be scanned (when opening a message, before saving to disk);
  • what actions are performed by the mail client if dangerous objects are detected in email messages. For example, you could select:
    • Attempt to disinfect infected parts – if this option is selected, the attempt is made to disinfect the infected object; if it cannot be disinfected, the object remains in the message.
    • Delete infected parts – if this option is selected, the dangerous object in the message is deleted regardless of whether it is infected or suspected to be infected.

By default, The Bat! places all infected email objects in Quarantine without attempting to disinfect them.

The Bat! does not give special headers to emails containing dangerous objects.

To set up email protection rules in The Bat!:

  1. Open the main The Bat! window.
  2. Select the Settings item from the Properties menu of the mail client.
  3. Select the Virus protection object from the settings tree.
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Email scanning in The Bat!