The Firewall ensures security for your work in local networks and on the Internet.

The component filters the entire network activity with reference to specified rules. A Firewall rule is an action that the Firewall performs when it detects a connection attempt with a specified status. Status is assigned to each network connection; it is defined by specified settings: data transfer direction and protocol, addresses and ports to which the connection is established.

The Firewall analyzes the settings of the networks to which you connect your computer. If the application works in interactive mode, the Firewall, when first connected, asks you for the status of the connected network. If interactive mode is off, the Firewall defines the status based on the network type, ranges of addresses and other specifications. You can change the status of the network connection manually.

In this section:

Enabling and disabling Firewall

Changing the network status

Working with Firewall rules

Configuring notifications of changes in the network

Advanced Firewall settings

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