Parental Control

Parental Control allows the control of actions of users taken on the computer and on the network. The concept of control provides the option to restrict access to resources and applications as well as view reports of users’ activities.

Nowadays, an ever-increasing number of children and teenagers obtain access to computers and web resources. This means problems for security since activity and communication on the Internet may entail a whole range of threats. These are the most frequent ones:

  • access to websites that could waste time (chat rooms, games) or money (e-stores, auctions);
  • access to websites targeted at the adult audience, such as those handling porn, extremism, firearms, drug abuse, and explicit violence;
  • download of files infected with malware;
  • excessive time of computer use, which may result in health deterioration;
  • contacts with unfamiliar people which may pretend to be peers to obtain privacy information from the user, such as real name, physical address, time of day when nobody is home.

Parental Control allows you to reduce risks posed by the computer and the Internet. To do this, the following module’s functions are used:

  • limiting the time of computer and Internet use;
  • creating lists of allowed and blocked applications as well as temporarily limiting number of startups for allowed applications;
  • creating lists of allowed and blocked websites, specifying categories of websites with content not recommended for viewing;
  • enabling the safe search mode involving search engines (links to websites with suspicious content are not displayed in the search results);
  • restricting file downloads from the Internet;
  • creating lists of contacts which are allowed or blocked for communication via IM clients and social networks;
  • viewing message logs from IM clients and social networks;
  • blocking sending of specified privacy data;
  • searching for specified key words in message logs.

All these restrictions can be enabled independently from each other, which allows you to flexibly configure Parental Control for various users. For each account, you can view reports which contain events for the categories being controlled that the component has logged over the specified period.

To start managing the component, you should go through an authentication procedure by entering the administrator name and password. If you have not yet set a password for managing Kaspersky Internet Security, you will be offered to do this.

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Parental Control