Participating in the Kaspersky Security Network

A great number of new threats appear worldwide on a daily basis. You can join Kaspersky Security Network to speed up the collection of statistical data on types and sources of new threats and help develop methods to neutralize them.

Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) is an infrastructure of online services that provides access to the online Knowledge Base of Kaspersky Lab which contains information about reputation of files, web resources, and software. Using data from Kaspersky Security Network ensures an increased response time of Kaspersky Internet Security when encountering new types of threats, improves performance of some protection components, and reduces risk of false positives.

When you participate in Kaspersky Security Network, certain statistics collected while Kaspersky Internet Security protects your computer are sent to Kaspersky Lab automatically.

No personal user data is collected, processed or stored.

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Kaspersky Security Network Data Collection Statement

Enabling / disabling Kaspersky Security Network

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Participating in the Kaspersky Security Network