Kaspersky Security Network Data Collection Statement

This statement describes the terms of collection and use of the information specified bellow.

This statement applies to Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Kaspersky Internet Security – the products belonging to Kaspersky Lab.

In order to detect new data security threats and their sources, to improve user data protection and the functionality of the products developed by Kaspersky Lab, the user can provide basic and additional information in accordance with the list below after the information collection feature is enabled in the “Feedback” section of the settings window of each respective product.

List of basic information items:

  • Information about computer hardware and software, including operating system version and installed service packs, kernel objects, drivers, services, Microsoft Internet Explorer add-ons, printing system extensions, Windows Explorer plug-ins, loaded objects, Active Setup items, applets, control panels, records from the hosts file and system registry, IP addresses, versions of browsers and email clients and the version of the Kaspersky Lab product.
  • Unique identifier assigned by the Kaspersky Lab product to the user’s computer.
  • Information about the status of anti-virus protection on the computer and about all potentially harmful files and operations (including virus name, date and time of its detection, names and sizes of infected files and their paths, IP address of an attacking computer and the number of the port attacked via network, name of a potentially malicious application).
  • Information about signed applications downloaded by the user (URL, file size, signature).
  • Information about launched applications (size, attributes, creation date, PE header information, region, name, location, packer).

The user can provide additional information according to the list below:

  • Files and / or file parts for additional scanning at Kaspersky Lab. The specified files and / or file parts are sent only if you accept this agreement.

No personal user data is collected, processed or stored.

The submission of the data mentioned above is voluntary. You can turn on or turn off the data collection option at any time in the “Feedback” section of the settings window of the respective Kaspersky Lab product.

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Kaspersky Security Network Data Collection Statement