Performance and compatibility with other applications

Performance of Kaspersky Internet Security is implied as the range of detectable threats as well as energy consumption and resource intensity.

Kaspersky Internet Security allows you to flexibly configure the protection scope and select various types of threats that the application should detect.

Energy consumption has a great importance for portable computers. Scanning computers for viruses and updating Kaspersky Internet Security databases often require significant amounts of resources. Special laptop mode of Kaspersky Internet Security allows you to automatically postpone scheduled scan and update tasks when using batteries, thus saving battery charge, while Idle Scan mode allows you to run resource-intensive tasks when your computer is not in use.

Consumption of the computer’s resources by Kaspersky Internet Security may impact other applications’ performance. To solve problems of joint operations with increased load of the CPU and disk subsystems, Kaspersky Internet Security may pause scan tasks and concede resources to other applications running on your computer.

In Gaming Profile mode, the application automatically disables displaying notifications of Kaspersky Internet Security’s activity with other applications running in full-screen mode.

In case of an active infection in the system, the advanced disinfection procedure requires restarting your computer, which may also impact other applications’ performance. If necessary, you can disable the advanced disinfection technology to avoid unwanted restart of your computer.

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Performance and compatibility with other applications