Safe Run

Safe Run is a secure environment isolated from the main operating system and designed for running applications whose safety raises doubts as well as for working with online banking resources when security of confidential data has a great importance. When you use Safe Run, the real objects of the operating system do not undergo changes. So even if you run an infected application in Safe Run, all of its actions will be limited to the virtual environment without affecting the operating system.

In the current version of Kaspersky Internet Security, Safe Run offers the following functionality:

Suspicious objects detected while you work in the safe environment are quarantined in the normal mode. The type of safe environment and the original file locations are saved in the list of detected threats and in the full report of Kaspersky Internet Security. When objects are recovered from Quarantine, they are restored to the original folder. If the original folder cannot be found, Kaspersky Internet Security offers you to specify a location to restore the object in the environment in which the restoration procedure has been started.

Safe Run is not available on computers running Microsoft Windows XP x64.

The functionality of certain applications launched on computers running Microsoft Windows Vista x64 and Microsoft Windows 7 x64 is limited when operating in the safe environment. If such applications are started, the corresponding message is displayed on screen if you have enabled notifications of the Application functionality is limited in safe mode event. In addition, Safe Run for Applications is completely inaccessible.

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