Safe Run for Applications

It is recommended to use the safe environment for launching suspicious applications as well as trusted applications the vulnerabilities of which can be exploited by criminals to access data on your computer.

You can launch an individual application in the safe environment as well as use the safe desktop.

Safe Run for Applications opens in the full-screen mode and represents a copy of the main desktop with all file system objects.

You can create a list of applications that will run automatically as you start the safe desktop.

By default, after you close Safe Run for Applications, all changes you have made during the last session will be saved and remain available at the next startup. If necessary, you can clear all changes to the safe environment.

In this section:

Running an application in Safe Run

Starting and ending operations in Safe Run for Applications

Switching between the main desktop and Safe Run for Applications

Using the pop-up toolbar

Automatic running of applications

Using a shared folder

Clearing Safe Run for Applications

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Safe Run for Applications