Safe Run for Websites

The Safe Run for Websites is mainly designed for accessing online banking systems and other websites processing confidential data.

You can enable controlled access to online banking services for automatic detection of banking websites as well as create your own list of websites that will be automatically opened in Safe Run for Websites mode. Additionally, you can start Safe Run for Websites manually.

When you use Safe Run for Websites, all changes (saved cookies, log of visited websites, etc.) remain in the safe environment and do not affect the operating system, which means that they cannot be exploited by intruders. If necessary, you can clear all changes to the safe browser and return to the original settings.

Additionally, when working in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome, Kaspersky Internet Security can automatically detect attempts to go to unknown or potentially dangerous websites and offer you to run your browser in the safe environment in order to preserve the operating system from probable risks caused by unknown web resources that you may have visited.

To ensure automatic detection of unknown websites, Safe Surf of Web Anti-Virus should be enabled.

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Starting Safe Run for Websites

Clearing the browser after viewing websites in safe mode

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