Selecting the Web Anti-Virus security level

The security level is defined as a preset configuration of the Web Anti-Virus settings providing for a certain level of protection for the data received and transmitted over HTTP and HTTPS. Kaspersky Lab specialists distinguish three security levels:

  • High level provides maximum protection necessary while working in dangerous environment.
  • Recommended level provides optimal protection recommended in most cases.
  • Low level allows maximum performance.

The user should decide which level to select according to the working conditions and the current situation.

To select one of the preset security levels, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the application settings window.
  2. In the left part of the window, in the Protection Center section, select the Web Anti-Virus component.
  3. Use the slider in the right part of the window to choose the required security level.

If none of the preset levels satisfies your requirements, you can configure the Web Anti-Virus, for example, modify the level of scanning intensity during heuristic analysis. Such configuration will change the security level name to Custom.

If you need to revert again to a preset security level, simply restore the default configuration of the component.

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Selecting the Web Anti-Virus security level