Using heuristic analysis

Heuristic analysis is a special inspection method. It is used to analyze the activity of an object within the host system. If that activity is typical of harmful objects, then such object will be recognized as malicious or suspicious with sufficient probability even if the dangerous code in it is yet unknown to the anti-virus analysts.

You can select the level of heuristic analysis intensity:

  • light scan – a quick check;
  • deep scan – a thorough check taking more time;
  • medium scan – an optimal combination of scanning speed and depth suitable in most cases.

If heuristic analysis reveals a malicious object, Kaspersky Internet Security will notify you about that and suggest appropriate handling for the detected object.

Heuristic analysis is enabled by default, the intensity level is set to medium scan.

To enable heuristic analysis and define its intensity level or disable it, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the application settings window.
  2. In the left part of the window, in the Protection Center section, select the Web Anti-Virus component.
  3. Click the Settings button in the right part of the window.

    The Web Anti-Virus window opens.

  4. To enable heuristic analysis, go to the General tab and check in the Scan methods section the Heuristic analysis box. Use the slider below to define the necessary scanning intensity level. Uncheck the Heuristic analysis box if that scanning method should not be used.
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Using heuristic analysis