Hidden driver download

Some malicious applications download drivers onto the computer without being noticed by the user after which the malicious application’s activity cannot be controlled by Kaspersky Internet Security. Useful applications seldom use such methods for downloading drivers.

When Application Control detects an attempt to download a driver in a hidden manner, it displays a notification on the screen.

The notification provides the following information:

  • Threat description.
  • Name of the driver file, including the path to it.

    The Internet Security info pict Hidden driver download icon is displayed next to the name of the file. Click it to open the window with the information about the driver.

You can select one of the following actions:

  • Allow now – allow downloading the driver and adding it into the list of exclusions.
  • Block now – block driver download.
  • Quarantine – block driver download and move the driver file to Quarantine.
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Hidden driver download