New network detected

Every time your computer connects to a new zone (i.e. network), a notification pops up.

The top part of the notification provides information about the network:

  • network adapter used for network connection;
  • network type (for example, “wireless”);
  • name of the network.

The lower part of the window requests you to assign a status to the zone, and network activity is allowed on the basis of that status:

  • Yes, it is a trusted network. It is only recommended to apply this status to zones that in your opinion are absolutely safe where your computer is not subject to attacks and attempts to gain access to your data.
  • Local network. This status is recommended for zones with an average risk factor (for example, corporate LANs).
  • No, it is a public network. A high-risk network in which your computer is in danger of any possible type of threat. It is recommended selecting this status for networks not protected by any anti-virus applications, firewalls, filters etc. When you select this status, the program ensures maximum security for this zone.
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New network detected