Special treatment required

When you detect a threat that is currently active in the system (for example, a malicious process in RAM or in startup objects), a notification pops up prompting you to carry out a special advanced disinfection procedure.

The notification provides the following information:

  • Threat description.
  • Type of threat and name of the malicious object as listed in the Kaspersky Lab Virus Encyclopedia.

    The Internet Security info pict Special treatment required icon is displayed next to the name of the malicious object. Click it to open the window with information about the object. Clicking the www.securelist.com/en/ link in this window allows you to go to the Virus Encyclopedia website and obtain more detailed information about the threat posed by the object.

  • File name of the malicious object, including the path to it.

You are asked to select one of the following actions:

  • Yes, disinfect with reboot – perform the special disinfection procedure.

    Kaspersky Lab specialists strongly recommend that you select this option. However, note that the operating system reboots after the disinfection procedure is completed, so you are advised to save the results of current activity and close all applications before starting this procedure. While the disinfection procedure is running, email clients or operating system registry editing sessions cannot be started. After restarting your computer, you are advised to run a full virus scan.

  • Do not run – the detected object or process will be processed according to the selected action.

To apply the selected action any time such event re-occurs, check the Internet Security mark fs Special treatment required Apply to all objects box.

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Special treatment required