Subscription statuses

The following options are used to designate the subscription status:

  • Being defined. Your request to activate the subscription has not yet been processed (some time is required for processing the request at the server). Kaspersky Internet Security works in a full-functional mode. If after a certain period of time the subscription request has not been processed, you will receive notification that the subscription status update has not been performed. In this case the application databases will not be updated any longer (for license with update subscription), and neither will computer protection be performed (for license with protection and update subscription).
  • Active. The subscription has been activated with no fixed term, or for a certain period of time (subscription expiry date is defined).
  • Renewed. The subscription has been renewed with no fixed term, or for a certain period of time.
  • Error. An error occurred when updating the subscription status.
  • Expired. Grace period. Subscription expired, or status renewal term expired. If the status renewal term has expired, update the subscription status manually. If the subscription has expired, you can renew it, by contacting the online store from which you had purchased Kaspersky Internet Security. To use a different activation code, you should first delete the key file for the subscription you are currently using.
  • Expired. Grace period expired. Subscription expired, or grace period for license renewal expired. Please contact the subscription provider to purchase a new subscription, or to renew the existing one.

    If the subscription validity period has elapsed as well as the grace period during which license can be renewed (subscription status – Expired) Kaspersky Internet Security will notify you about it and will stop its attempts to renew license automatically. For license with update subscription the functionality of the application will retain except for the databases update feature. For license with protection and update subscription the application databases will not be updated, computer protection will not be performed and scan tasks will not be executed.

  • Subscription cancellation. You canceled subscription to automatic license renewal.
  • Update is required. Subscription status has not been updated at the proper time for whatever reason.

    If the subscription has not been renewed in time (for example, the computer was turned off when license renewal was available), you can update its status manually in the license management window. Until the moment of subscription renewal, Kaspersky Internet Security ceases to update the application databases (for license with update subscription) and stops performing computer protection or executing scan tasks (for license with protection subscription).

  • Suspended. Subscription to automatic license renewal has been suspended.
  • Resumed. Subscription has been resumed.

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Subscription statuses