Creating a trace file

Trace file creation may be required in case of problems in Kaspersky Internet Security operation. This will help Technical Support Service specialists to diagnose problems more accurately.

We only recommend creating trace files for troubleshooting a specific problem. Regularly enabling traces may slow down your computer and fill up your hard drive.

Command syntax: TRACE [file] [on|off] [<trace_level>]

Parameters description is provided in table below.


Enable / disable trace file creation.


Output trace to file.


This value can be a value from 0 (minimum level, only critical messages) to 700 (maximum level, all messages).

Technical Support will tell you what trace level you need when you contact Technical Support. If the level is not specified, we recommend setting the value to 500.


To disable trace file creation: TRACE file off

To create a trace file to be sent to Technical Support with a maximum trace level of 500: TRACE file on 500

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Creating a trace file