Exporting protection settings

Command syntax:

avp.com EXPORT <profile> <filename>

The table below describes the settings of command performance.


Component or task with the settings being exported.

For the <profile> setting, you can use any value listed in the “Managing application components and tasks” Help section.


Path to the file to which the Kaspersky Internet Security settings are being exported. An absolute or a relative path may be specified.

The configuration file is saved in binary format (DAT), if no other format is specified, or it is not specified at all; it can be used later to export application settings onto other computers. The configuration file can also be saved as a text file. To do so, type the .txt extension in the file name. Note that you cannot import protection settings from a text file. This file can only be used to specify the main settings for Kaspersky Internet Security operation.


avp.com EXPORT RTP c:\settings.dat

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Exporting protection settings