Updating the application

The syntax for updating the modules of Kaspersky Internet Security and application databases from the command line is as follows:

avp.com UPDATE [<update_source>] [/R[A]:<report_file>] [/C:<file_name>]

Parameters description is provided in table below.


HTTP or FTP server or network folder for downloading updates. The value for the parameter may be in the form of a full path to an update source or a URL. If a path is not selected, the update source will be taken from the application update settings.


/R:<report_file> – log only important events in the report.

/RA:<report_file> – log all events in the report.

You can use an absolute or relative path to the file. If the setting is not defined, scan results are displayed on the screen, and all events are shown.


Path to the configuration file that contains the Kaspersky Internet Security update settings.

A configuration file is a file in plain text format containing a list of command-line parameters for an application update.

You can enter an absolute or relative path to the file. If this parameter is not defined, the values for the settings in the application interface are used.


Update application databases and record all events in a report:

avp.com UPDATE /RA:avbases_upd.txt

Update the Kaspersky Internet Security modules using the settings of updateapp.ini configuration file:

avp.com UPDATE /C:updateapp.ini

A sample configuration file:

“ftp://my_server/kav updates” /RA:avbases_upd.txt

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Updating the application