Context menu

You can run basic protection tasks from the context menu.

The Kaspersky Internet Security menu contains the following items:

  • Tools – opens a submenu containing the following items:
    • Application Control – opens the Applications Activity window;
    • Network Monitor – opens the Network Monitor window;
    • Virtual Keyboard – displays the Virtual Keyboard.
  • Safe Run for Applications – activates a safe environment for running applications that you suspect of being insecure. If the safe environment is launched, the computer switches to it.

    When working in the safe environment, this menu item is named To the main and serves to switch from the safe environment to the operating system main environment.

  • Kaspersky Internet Security – opens the main application window.
  • Pause protection / Resume protection – temporarily turns off / on the real-time protection components. This menu item does not affect the application’s updates, or the execution of virus scans.
  • Enable Parental Control / Disable Parental Control – enables / disables Parental Control for the current account.
  • Settings – opens the application settings window.
  • About – opens a window containing information about the application.
  • News – opens News Agent. This menu item is displayed if there are unread news.
  • Exit – closes Kaspersky Internet Security (when this item is selected, the application is unloaded from the computer’s RAM).

    Internet Security menu kis Context menu

    Context menu

If a virus scan or update task is running at the moment you open the context menu, its name as well as its progress status (percentage complete) is displayed in the context menu. When you select a menu item with the name of a task, you can switch to the main window with a report of current task run results.

To open the context menu,

roll over the application icon in the taskbar notification area with the pointer and right-click it with the mouse.

In the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system by default the application icon is hidden, but you can display it to access the application easier (see the operating system documentation).

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Context menu