Kaspersky Internet Security main window

The main application window contains interface elements that provide access to all the main features of the application.

The main window can be divided into three parts:

  • The top part of the window contains the protection status indicator which informs you of the current condition of your computer’s protection.

    Internet Security stat green Kaspersky Internet Security main window

    Current computer protection status

    There are three possible values of protection status: each of them is indicated with a certain color. Green indicates that your computer’s protection is at the correct level, while yellow and red indicate that there are various security threats. In addition to malicious programs, threats include obsolete application databases, disabled protection components, the selection of minimum protection settings etc.

    Protection status indicator and its panel can use the following colors:

    • Internet Security icon green Kaspersky Internet Security main window – green. This color indicates that the computer protection is ensured at the required level – Kaspersky Internet Security databases have been recently updated, all protection components are running in accordance with the settings recommended by Kaspersky Lab’s specialists, and either no malicious objects have been detected during a computer scan or all detected objects have been disinfected.
    • Internet Security icon yellow Kaspersky Internet Security main window – yellow. This color indicates that the protection level is low – Kaspersky Internet Security encounters some problems while operating. For example, the application settings have been altered and do not match the recommended settings, the application databases have not been updated recently, or the full scan of the computer for viruses has not been performed.
    • Internet Security icon red Kaspersky Internet Security main window – red. This color indicates that there are problems which may lead to the infection of your computer and a loss of data. For example, one or more protection components have failed, the application has not been updated in a long time, it is not activated or malicious objects requiring urgent processing have been detected.

    Security threats must be eliminated as they appear.

  • The left part of the window allows you to quickly switch to the main application features: enabling and disabling protection components, running virus scan tasks, updating databases and program modules, etc.

    Internet Security kis11 mainwindow left Kaspersky Internet Security main window

    Left part of the main window

  • The right part of the window contains information about the application function selected in the left part, and allows configuring its settings, provides tools for executing virus scan tasks, retrieving updates etc.

    Internet Security kis11 mainwindow protect center Kaspersky Internet Security main window

    Right part of the main window

You can also use the following buttons and links:

  • Settings – to open the application settings window.
  • Quarantine – to start working with quarantined objects.

    A certain folder, where all possibly infected objects are placed, which were detected during scans or by real-time protection.

  • Reports – switch to the application operation report in diagram format.
  • News – switch to viewing news in the News Agent window. This link is displayed after the application receives the first piece of news.
  • Help – to view the Kaspersky Internet Security help system.
  • My Kaspersky Account – to enter the user’s personal account at the Technical Support Service website.
  • Support – to open the window containing information about the system and links to Kaspersky Lab’s information resources (Technical Support Service website, forum).
  • License – Kaspersky Internet Security activation, license renewal.

You can change the appearance of Kaspersky Internet Security using alternate skins.

To open the main application window, perform one of the following actions:

  • roll over the application icon in the taskbar notification area with the pointer and left-click it with the mouse.

    In the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system by default the application icon is hidden, but you can display it to access the application easier (see the operating system documentation).

  • select Kaspersky Internet Security from the context menu;
  • click the Kaspersky Internet Security icon located in the center of Kaspersky Gadget (only for Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows 7).
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Kaspersky Internet Security main window