Pausing and resuming protection

Pausing protection means temporarily disabling all protection components for a certain period of time.

As a result of temporarily disabling protection, all protection components are paused.

This is indicated by the following signs:

In this case, protection is discussed in the context of the protection components. Disabling or pausing protection components does not effect the performance of virus scan tasks and Kaspersky Internet Security updates.

If network connections were established at the same time as the protection was paused, a notification about termination of such connections is displayed.

When working on a computer running under Microsoft Windows Vista or Microsoft Windows 7, you can pause protection using Kaspersky Gadget. To do this, Kaspersky Gadget should be configured so that the option of opening the reports window would be assigned to one of its buttons.

To pause the protection of your computer:

  1. Open the Pause Protection window using one of the following methods:
    • select Pause protection from the context menu of the application icon;
    • click the button with the Internet Security kis protection pause gadget pict Pausing and resuming protection Pause protection icon in the Kaspersky Gadget interface (only for Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows 7).
  2. In the Pause Protection window, select the time interval after which the protection should be resumed:
    • Pause for the specified time – protection will be enabled after the time interval specified in the field below.
    • Pause until reboot – protection will be enabled after the application or the operating system is restarted (provided that automatic application launch is configured).
    • Pause – protection will only be enabled when you decide to resume it (please see further).

To resume computer protection,

select Resume protection from the context menu of the application icon.

You can use this method to resume computer protection when the Pause option has been selected, or when you have selected Pause for the specified time or Pause until reboot.

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Pausing and resuming protection