Contacting the Technical Support Service

If problems occur during Kaspersky Internet Security’s operation, first of all check if the method for solving them is described in the documentation, help, Knowledge Base on the Kaspersky Lab Technical Support website, or on the User Forum.

If you cannot find a solution to your problem, please contact Kaspersky Lab Technical Support Service in one of the following ways:

  • send a query with the help of the Personal Cabinet at the Technical Support Service website;
  • make a phone call.

Technical Support Service specialists will answer any of your questions about installing, activating and using the application. They will help you to eliminate the consequences of malware activities if your computer has been infected.

Before contacting the Technical Support Service please read the support rules.

When you contact the Technical Support Service, service specialists may ask you to compile a report of system condition and a trace file to send them to the Technical Support Service. After Technical Support Service specialists analyze the data you have sent, they can create an AVZ script for you to help eliminate your problems.

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Technical support by phone

Creating a system state report

Creating a trace file

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Contacting the Technical Support Service