Creating a trace file

After installing Kaspersky Internet Security, some failures in the operating system or in the operation of individual applications may occur. The most likely cause is a conflict between Kaspersky Internet Security and the software installed on your computer, or with the drivers of your computer components. You may be asked to create a tracing file for Kaspersky Lab’s Technical Support Service specialists to successfully resolve your problem.

To create the trace file:

  1. Open the main application window.
  2. Click the Support link in the bottom part of the main window to open the Support window, then click the Traces link.
  3. In the Information for Technical Support Service window that opens, select the tracing level from the dropdown list in the Traces section.

    It is recommended to clarify the required tracing level by a Technical Support Service specialist. If no indications from Technical Support Service are available, you are advised to set the tracing level to 500.

  4. To start the tracing process, click the Enable button.
  5. Reconstruct the situation when the problem occurs.
  6. To stop the tracing process, click the Disable button.

You can switch to uploading tracing results to Kaspersky Lab’s server.

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Creating a trace file