Executing AVZ script

Kaspersky Lab experts will analyze your problem using the trace files and the system state report. The outcome of the analysis is a sequence of actions aimed at eliminating the problems detected. The list of such actions can be rather long.

To simplify the procedure, AVZ scripts are used. An AVZ script is a set of instructions that allow editing of registry keys, quarantine of files, searching for classes of files and potentially quarantine files related to them, block UserMode and KernelMode interceptors, etc.

To run scripts, the application includes the AVZ Script Execution Wizard.

The wizard consists of a series of screens (steps) navigated using the Back and Next buttons. To close the wizard once it completes its work, use the Finish button. To stop the wizard at any stage, use the Cancel button.

You are advised not to change the text of an AVZ script received from Kaspersky Lab experts. If problems occur during script execution, please contact Technical Support Service.

To start the Wizard:

  1. Open the main application window.
  2. Click the Support link in the bottom part of the main window to open the Support window, then click the Traces link.
  3. In the Information for Technical Support Service window that opens, click the Execute AVZ script button.

If the script successfully executes, the wizard closes. If an error occurs during script execution, the wizard displays a corresponding error message.

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Executing AVZ script