Installation procedure

Kaspersky Internet Security will install on your computer in an interactive mode with the help of the Installation Wizard.

The wizard consists of a series of screens (steps) navigated using the Back and Next buttons. To close the wizard once it completes its work, use the Finish button. To stop the wizard at any stage, use the Cancel button.

If the application is going to protect more than one computer, it should be installed on all computers in the same way. Remember that in this case, according to the license agreement, the license term begins from the date of the first activation. If you activate the application to protect a second and subsequent computers, the license validity period will be reduced by the number of days that has passed from the date of the first activation. Therefore, the license term will expire for all installed copies of the application simultaneously.

To install Kaspersky Internet Security on your computer,

run the setup file (a file with the *.exe extension) on the CD containing the product.

The process of installing Kaspersky Internet Security from a setup file downloaded online is identical to the installation from the setup CD.

In this section:

Step 1. Finding a newer version of the application

Step 2. Making sure the system meets the installation requirements

Step 3. Choosing the type of installation

Step 4. Reviewing the license agreement

Step 5. Kaspersky Security Network Data Collection Statement

Step 6. Searching for incompatible applications

Step 7. Selecting the destination folder

Step 8. Preparing installation

Step 9. Installing

Step 10. Activating the application

Step 11. Registering a user

Step 12. Completing the activation

Step 13. Analyzing the system

Step 14. Closing the Wizard

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Installation procedure