Step 10. Activating the application

Activation is a procedure of activating a license that allows you to use a fully functional version of the application until the license expires.

You will need an Internet connection to activate the application.

You will be offered the following options of Kaspersky Internet Security activation:

  • Activate commercial version. Select this option and enter the activation code if you have purchased a commercial version of the application.

    If you specify an activation code for Kaspersky Anti-Virus in the entry field, the procedure of switching to Kaspersky Anti-Virus starts after the completion of activation.

  • Activate trial version. Use this activation option if you want to install the trial version of the application before making the decision to purchase a commercial version. You will be able to use the fully-functional version of the application for the duration of a term limited by the license for the trial version of the application. When the license expires, it cannot be activated for a second time.
  • Activate later. If you choose this option, the Kaspersky Internet Security activation stage is skipped. The application will be installed on your computer with all of its functions, except updates, available. You will only be able to update anti-virus databases and modules of Kaspersky Internet Security once after installation. The Activate later option is only available at the first start of the Activation Wizard, immediately after installing the application.

If Kaspersky Internet Security has been installed and then removed with activation information saved, this step is skipped. In this case the wizard will automatically retrieve information about the existing license and proceed to the final stage of activation.

Use these settings for the following tasks

How to activate the application

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Step 10. Activating the application