Step 8. Preparing installation

This step of the Installation Wizard is only available if the custom installation is selected. In standard installation, this step is skipped.

Since your computer may be infected with malicious programs that may impact installation of Kaspersky Internet Security, the installation process should be protected.

By default, installation process protection is enabled – the Protect the installation process box is checked in the Wizard window.

You are advised to uncheck this box if the application cannot be installed (for example, when performing remote installation using Windows Remote Desktop). Enabled protection may be the reason.

In this case, you should interrupt installation, restart it, check the Change installation settings box at the Choosing the type of installation step, and, when reaching the Preparing installation step, uncheck the Protect the installation process box.

To proceed with the installation, click the Install button.

When installing the application on a computer running under Microsoft Windows XP, active network connections are terminated. The majority of terminated connections is restored after a pause.

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Step 8. Preparing installation