Distribution kit

You can purchase the boxed version of Kaspersky Internet Security from our resellers, or purchase it online from Internet shops, such as the eStore section of http://www.kaspersky.com.

If you buy the boxed version of the program, the package will include:

  • A sealed envelope with the installation CD containing the program files and documentation in PDF format.
  • Documentation in printed form, notably Quick Start Guide and User’s Guide documents (depending on the region).
  • License Agreement (depending on the region).
  • Activation card containing an activation code (depending on the region).

Read the EULA through carefully!

If you do not agree with the terms of the EULA, you can return your boxed product to the reseller from whom you purchased it and be reimbursed the amount you paid for the program, provided that the envelope containing the installation disk is still sealed.

By opening the sealed installation disk, you accept all the terms of the EULA.

Before breaking the seal on the installation disk envelope, carefully read through the EULA.

If you buy Kaspersky Internet Security from eStore, you will download the product from the Kaspersky Lab website; the present User Guide is included with the installation package. You will be sent an activation code by email after your payment has been received.

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