About license

License  is a right to use Kaspersky Internet Security and the related additional services offered by Kaspersky Lab or its partners.

Each license has an expiration date and a type.

License term – a period during which the additional services are offered:

  • technical support;
  • update databases and program modules.

The services provided depend on the license type.

The following license types are provided:

  • Trial – a free license with a limited validity period, for example, 30 days, offered to get familiar with Kaspersky Internet Security.

    A trial license can be used only once and cannot be used after the commercial license!

    A trial license is supplied with the trial version of the application. If a trial license is activated, you can contact the Technical Support Service only for application activation or purchasing a commercial license. As soon as the trial license expires, all Kaspersky Internet Security features become disabled. To continue using the application, you should activate it.

  • Commercial – a commercial license with limited validity period (for example, one year), offered at Kaspersky Internet Security’s purchase. One license can cover several computers.

    If a commercial license is activated, all application features and additional services are available.

    As soon as a commercial license expires, Kaspersky Internet Security remains a full-featured application, but the anti-virus databases are not updated. You can still scan your computer for viruses and use the protection components, but only using the databases that you had when the license expired. Two weeks before the expiration date, the application will notify you about this event so you could renew the license in advance.

  • Commercial with an update subscription and commercial with an update and protection subscription – a paid-for license with flexible management: you can suspend and resume the subscription, extend its validity period in the automatic mode, cancel the subscription. A license with subscription is distributed by service providers.  You can manage the subscription from the user personal cabinet on the website of service provider.

    The validity period of a subscription can be limited (for example, one year) or unlimited. If a subscription with a limited validity period is activated, you should renew it on your own when it expires. A subscription with unlimited validity period is extended automatically subject to timely prepayment to the provider.

    If the subscription term is limited, upon its expiration you will be offered a grace period for subscription renewal, during which application will run in the full-featured mode.

    If the subscription is renewed, upon grace period expiration Kaspersky Internet Security ceases to update the application databases (for license with update subscription) and stops performing computer protection or executing scan tasks (for license with protection subscription).

    When using the subscription, you will not be able to use another activation code to renew the license. This action becomes available only after subscription expiration date.

    If you have already had an activated license with a limited term at the time of subscription activation, it is substituted with the subscription license. To cancel the subscription, contact the service provider from whom you purchased Kaspersky Internet Security.

    Depending on the subscription provider, the set of available actions to be performed on the subscription may vary. Also, the grace period when subscription renewal is available, is not provided by default.

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About license