How to restore application default settings

You can always restore the settings of Kaspersky Internet Security which are recommended by Kaspersky Lab and considered optimal. The settings can be restored using the Application Configuration Wizard.

When the Wizard completes its operations, the Recommended security level is set for all protection components. While restoring the settings, you will also be offered to define which settings should or should not be kept for which components together with restoring the recommended security level.

To restore protection settings:

  1. Open the application settings window.
  2. Run the Application Configuration Wizard using one of the following methods:
    • click the Restore link in the bottom part of the window;
    • in the left part of the window, select the Advanced Settings section, Manage Settings subsection, and click the Restore button in the Restore default settings section.

Detailed discussion of the wizard steps.

Starting the Wizard

Click the Next button in order to continue the work of the Wizard.

Selecting settings to save

This window of the Wizard shows which Kaspersky Internet Security components have settings that are different from the default value, either because they were changed by the user, or were changed because of accumulated training by Kaspersky Internet Security (Firewall or Anti-Spam). If special settings have been created for any of the components, they will also be shown in the window.

Special settings include the lists of allowed and blocked phrases and addresses used by Anti-Spam, lists of trusted web addresses and ISP phone numbers, exclusion rules created for application components, Firewall’s packet and application filtering rules.

Those lists are created when working with Kaspersky Internet Security with regard to individual tasks and security requirements. Creating the lists may take a long time, so you are advised to save them before restoring the application’s default settings.

Check the boxes for the settings that you want to save and click the Next button.

Analyzing the system

At this stage, information about Microsoft Windows applications is collected. These applications are added to the list of trusted applications which have no restrictions imposed on the actions they perform in respect of the system.

Once the analysis is complete, the Wizard will proceed automatically to the next step.

Finishing restoration

To finish with the Wizard, click the Finish button.

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How to restore application default settings