Where to view the report on the application’s operation

Kaspersky Internet Security creates operation reports for each component. Using a report, you can find out, for example, how many malicious objects (such as viruses and Trojan programs) have been detected and eliminated by the application during the specified period, how many times the application has been updated during the same period, how many spam messages have been detected, and many other characteristics.

When working on a computer running under Microsoft Windows Vista or Microsoft Windows 7, you can open reports using Kaspersky Gadget. To do this, Kaspersky Gadget should be configured so that the option of opening the reports window would be assigned to one of its buttons.

To view the application operation report:

  1. Open the Protection state window on the Report tab using one of the following methods:
    • click the Reports link in the top part of the main application window;
    • click the button with the Internet Security reports gadget pict Where to view the report on the applications operation Reports icon in the Kaspersky Gadget interface (only for Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows 7).

    The Report tab displays application operation reports in diagram format.

  2. If you want to view a detailed application operation report (for example, a report representing the operation of each component), click the Detailed report button in the bottom part of the Report tab.

    The Detailed report window opens where data are represented in a table. For a convenient view of reports, you can select various options of entry sorting.

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Where to view the report on the application’s operation