Testing the SMTP traffic protection

In order to detect viruses in data streams transferred using SMTP protocol, you must use an email system that uses this protocol to transfer data.

You are advised to check virus detection in different parts of outgoing mail: in message body and in attachments. Please use the EICAR test “virus” file for testing.

To test virus detection in the stream of data transferred over SMTP, perform the following steps:

  1. Create a Plain text format message using an email client installed on your computer.

    A message that contains a test virus is not scanned if it is created in RTF or HTML format!

  2. Depending upon the message part, in which the application should detect a virus, perform the following steps:
    • to check virus detection in message body, add the standard or modified EICAR test “virus” text to the message beginning;
    • to check virus detection in attachments, attach to the message a file containing the EICAR test “virus”.
  3. Send the message to the administrator.

The application detected the object, identifies it as infected, and blocks the message.

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Testing the SMTP traffic protection