Validating File Anti-Virus settings

In order to verify that the File Anti-Virus configuration is correct:

  1. Create a folder on the disk. Copy into this folder the test “virus” downloaded from the official EICAR website ( as well as all the test “virus” modifications you created.
  2. Allow all events to be logged so the report file retains data on corrupted objects or objects skipped due to errors.
  3. Run the test “virus” or one of its modified versions.

The File Anti-Virus intercepts the call to execute the file, scans it, and performs the action specified in the settings for objects of that status. By selecting different actions to be performed with the detected object, you can perform a full check of the component’s operation.

You can view information about the results of the File Anti-Virus operation in the report about the component’s operation.

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Validating File Anti-Virus settings